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Email Hosting
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eDIY can provide you with a full set of 'Smartmail' e-mail services at your own domain name,
with advanced features which take the hassle out of your important and sensitive client emails. 

With an eDIY hosted email account we include access to our powerful and secure WebMail client (so you can access your e-mail inbox via a web browser anywhere in the world) and can be used will all POP3 email client software such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Pegasus Mail.

With eDIY Smartmail email hosting we can manage email for a single domain (eg. www.yourdomain.) and we can also manage your multiple domain requirements as you grow your email services for as many domains as needed.

All Smartmail mailboxes come with ample storage to start and can be upgraded to pro on a per mail box basis. If your home or business associates depend on email, sign up to our pro storage solution that offers each mailbox user unlimited storage.


Just $12*+ gst per year

*Standard mailbox includes 100mb
of storage. Upgrade for unlimited storage



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